Solarcan can be described as “a small company within a large network”. Each member of the Solarcan team has the qualities of an independent entrepreneur. Being attentive to the customer, proposing clever budget-friendly solutions, and being accountable for a smooth operation and ordering process: such are the qualities of a Solarcan representative. Your Solarcan representative’s ensures your satisfaction, regardless of the size of your project.


Solarcan is renowned for its personalized, complete customer service. The company puts forth every effort to support its customers from the beginning of a project until the end. With this in mind, the company is currently developing important partnerships through its commercial projects.


Since its early years, Solarcan has been offering advanced, innovative, high-quality window products at competitive prices. The company covers all markets: residential, institutional, commercial and industrial. Solarcan also recommends solutions for new construction and renovation projects, dealing directly with contractors, project supervisors and residential customers. Deeming that its employees are important collaborators, Solarcan provides a stimulating work environment.


Solarcan is founded on respect, attentiveness and mutual assistance. Finding solutions that satisfy each customer is important to all of the members of the team. As such, each member contributes extensive expertise to charting new territory and finding innovative solutions even in the most unexpected situations. All of Solarcan’s members are committed to responding to customer requests quickly and in a personalized manner. Solarcan builds on solid business relationships that inspire great confidence.