What is a hybrid window?

What is a hybrid window?

A hybrid window is a window in which the outer and inner frames are made from different materials. At Solarcan, our hybrid windows are made of aluminum on the outside and PVC or wood on the inside.


Since aluminum is more conductor to cold and heat than PVC, and also more expensive, hybrid windows with PVC inside and aluminum on the outside are a popular compromise that combine energy efficiency and value for money. Furthermore it is recommended when you want to have color exterior windows.

The hybrid Solarcan window comes with a wide range of colors on the outside, because its aluminum extrusions are painted and cooked at the factory, unlike some hybrid window from the competition. As the sun and weather contribute to discoloration of materials over time, it is important to know the difference between an applied paint and baked paint. Also, all paints are not equal. The methods are different, the results and durability too!

Solarcan hybrid windows also have air chambers on both the inside PVC side and the aluminum extrusions. They increase the structural strength while adding to the insulating properties of windows, unlike some other companies that only cover the PVC with an aluminum plate. They are inconspicuous details that become important when one needs to change its windows.