What are spacers in windows?

What are spacers in windows?

The spacer is the element which separates the two glass panes of the thermal windows (or the 3 glass panes in a triple window). It is a rigid element generally accompanied by a sealant. The quality of spacers can vary from one manufacturer to another. Quality spacers and insulation are key to durable windows. They are what keep the inert gas between the glass panes that provide the thermal effect of the window, and prevent condensation inside.

In the doors and windows industry, spacers are made of various materials, including steel, aluminum and plastic. Plastic is the lowest temperature conductive material. On the other hand, it is also less solid and less structural. Steel is more thermal conductive than aluminum, but stronger.

At Solarcan, we chose to use stainless steel spacers with slightly tapered shapes. Combined with a double sealant application, they still minimize the thermal exchange.

Our stainless steel spacers are less conductive than many aluminum models used in the industry, and they stronger. Also, the continuous corners of our spacers provide better protection against gas leaks, to maximize the performance of the glass and reduce energy costs.

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