Fiberglass entry door

Fiberglass entry door

Look at how replacing the front door of a home can completely change its look! The white steel door of this classic-style residence was replaced by a fiberglass door.

Steel entry doorFiberglass wood entry door

In this case, our customer has chosen a oak country door with side panels and transom, maple bark color, bistro glass and black Pemberly door handle.

Fiberglass brings new life to home design and renovations. Technological developments in recent years have made it possible to recreate the appearance of wood, its grain, its shades, thanks to fiberglass, and apply it to residential construction as a durable and stylized material. Fiberglass entry doors are much more weather resistant than wood and are not subject to denting marks.

The main wood species recreated for fiberglass doors are oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, walnut and fir. In addition, they can be painted or dyed, just like natural wood doors. If you are planning for larger renovations to your home, such as adding or replacing beams or other architectural details, ask building material manufacturers or distributors about wood imitation fiberglass beams. You could match the wood grains, and give your renovation project a trendy design look.