What are brickmoulds?

What are brickmoulds?

When you install replacement windows, it is not always the glass and the frame that are implicated. Brickmoulds may also be needed.

When replacing an existing window, the new window may not have exactly the same dimensions as the old window, and there may be a gap between the new window frame and the exterior wall. The new window might also not be positioned exactly in the same place as the old one, either farther or closer to the inside of the house. In this case, exterior mouldings must also be added. They are commonly called “brickmoulds”.




One could hope to save money by foregoing the installation of brickmoulds. However, you should know that these mouldings fulfill several functions: mechanical and aesthetic. Mechanical, because they join and seal the frame of the window to the adjacent wall, and aesthetic, because it helps to complement the style of the window. These mouldings can be curvy to present a traditional or antique look, or be very straight and flat, to adopt a more contemporary style. They also vary in depth, to suit different wall thicknesses. PVC brickmoulds will be installed if the new windows are made of PVC, and aluminum brickmoulds for hybrid or aluminum windows. And of course, if your new windows come in a custom colour, you will want the same for your brickmoulds.

Neglecting to lay brickmoulds could cause water infiltration and damage to the envelope of your home. In addition, a lack of finishing is always frowned upon by evaluators and potential buyers, and may contribute to the devaluation of your property.


Your Solarcan representative will be able to tell you if brickmoulds will be necessary. It may depend on the type of installation of the new windows: Are you installing them in an existing frame? Are they installed from inside or outside the house?

These are all things to consider when planning the purchase of new windows. Do not hesitate to call our specialists to advise you about installing replacement windows, and help you make the best choices for your home.