Solutions for Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Contractors

Solarcan is a true leader in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial building projects.  Backed by expertise acquired since 1979, our experienced personnel have mastered the art of serving building contractors and helping them deliver flawless projects.

Industry Pioneer Since 1979

Since 1979, Solarcan has contributed to the success of several major projects. Thanks to its extensive expertise, Solarcan is skilled at accomplishing innovative and daring assignments. Whether a commercial, institutional or industrial structure, the possibilities are limitless. Regardless of the size of the building, Solarcan carries out projects that meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of every customer. 

A Partner of Choice

Solarcan can be part of your project from the planning phase to delivery or installation. A first-rate partner, this team takes on the design and the manufacturing of all fenestration products, while offering support and a warranty that exceeds the standards.

A Tangible Presence

To ensure effective communication between partners, each project is assigned to a supervisor that monitors the operations from beginning to end. Made available for the customer, this key person visits the site to check on the work’s progress and ensure that all the steps are being carried out properly. As such, it is always easy to monitor the advancement of the work because it is performed according to the highest standards, guaranteeing favorable and predictable results.

Environmentally friendly

We do more for your environnement

Our high-performance windows result in an overall reduction of the energy consumption of your home, while minimizing your impact on the environment.