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The Fascinante door has a fascinating pattern of several types of glass: Mistlite, seedy, dark grey beveled, clear beveled, dark grey, pear glass and antique black caming.

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Solarcan is offering Weiser Lock products on every door, providing security for your home. Weiser Lock is proposing a wide array of products and finishes designed to emphasize any decoration style.


Your door configuration is an important choice factor when considering purchasing our products. Solarcan representatives offer their expertise to help you defining the right design that will give your home the style you want and an unequalled comfort.

Here are some examples of entry door configurations available. Please contact your Solarcan representative to learn more about our wide array of choices.

Single door
Single door with 1 sidelight
Single door with 2 sidelights
Double door
Double door with 1 sidelight
Double door with 2 sidelights

Our steel doors offer exceptional defence against all types of weather. The polyurethane foam at the core of these doors allows for unequalled thermal insulation and performance. Airtight and waterproof, our doors resist rain and wind up to 89 km/h. Our doors have many features that add up to superior quality.

  1. Ultra-robust and super-effective aluminum threshold ensures superior resistance to impacts and temperature extremes.
  2. Our doors are designed to minimize friction, making them easier to open and close and providing greater long-term sealing performance.
  3. Water-evacuation system without air seepage.
  4. Watertight weather-stripping provides protection all around the exterior edge.
  5. Airtight weather-stripping provides an effective air barrier between the threshold and door jams.
  6. The pine sill has been treated with fungicide.

Several colours are available to suit with all types of homes. All Solarcan doors models are available in steel and fiberglass.

Here are some examples of colours available for your entry door. Fiberglass doors can be painted or stained. Contact your Solarcan representative for all the possibilities.

Glacier white
Commercial brown
Canyon clay
Oak (fiberglass)
Fir (fiberglass)
Cherry (fiberglass)
Mahogany (fiberglass)