Tax credit

Offered by Quebec government, RenoVert is a refundable tax credit for eco-friendly residential renovations.

The refundable tax credit you can claim is 20% of the amount exceeding $2,500 for the replacement or addition of windows or exterior doors with ENERGY STAR rated models for the climate zone where the house is located.

Eligible expenses include sales taxes (GST and QST) and permit costs necessary to execute the renovation. The maximum tax credit is $10,000; that represent eligible expenses up to $52,500!

Windows and exterior doors must have been installed by a qualified contractor, such as Solarcan installers.

The renovation contract must be dated between March 17, 2016 and April 1, 2019. In addition, you may be eligible for the financial assistance offered for eco-friendly home renovations under the Rénoclimat program, administered by the Ministère de l’énergie et des Ressources naturelles.

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  • The dwelling needs to be the primary residence of the applicant or a winterized cottage that he normally occupies.
  • It has to be located in Quebec and the initial construction must have been completed before January 1st, 2016.
  • The residence has to be owned, or co-owned, by the applicant at the time the eco-friendly renovation expenditures are incurred.
  • Prefab houses and mobile homes are eligible if:
    – set on permanent foundations;
    – served by a waterworks and sewer system, by an artesian well and a septic tank, or by a combination of these as necessary for the supply of drinking water and the drainage of waste water; and
    – permanently connected to an electrical distribution system.
  • Intergenerational houses are eligible because considered as the principal place of residence of many individuals.
  • A surrounding construction is not admissible if not attached to the dwelling.
  • All documents related to the eligible expenses (estimats, confirmations, receipts, etc.) must be kept by the demander for tax credit validations.