for a change ?

Are you current installations adequate?

A proper inspection of your doors and windows will tell the real story!
Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you inspect your home:

General Appearance of Your Windows

  • Does condensation prevent you from seeing your yard or landscaping?
  • Does water tend to condense on the surface of your windows, in the corners or on the jambs or supports?
  • Does the paint blister or lift in places?
  • Are there signs of mold on the surface?
  • Has moisture formed between the two panes of glass?
  • Is the caulking cracked?
  • Is the flashing in good condition?

Comfort-Related Questions

  • Is the room comfortable or is it hard to heat or cool?
  • Would you like more light and a better view of your yard or landscaping?
  • Would you like direct access to your patio from the kitchen or living room?
  • Do you have a good view of your children playing in the backyard or pool?
  • Do you spend a lot of time performing maintenance on your doors and windows each year? Is this maintenance complicated – windows hard to open, glass impossible to reach, several lites tedious to clean?

Architecture, Design and Configuration

  • Do your doors and windows blend with your home’s exterior?
  • Are your doors and windows easy to open and close?
  • Are your storm windows and screens properly in place and are they efficient and easy to open?
  • Are the latches, door handles and locks safe?
  • Do your doors have peepholes, deadbolts and sturdy hinges?
  • Do you see water or air infiltrating your doors or windows? In which condition is the weatherstripping?

The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Replacement windows will be easier to open and close and the locks will be more secure. The new generation of doors and windows reduce heat loss in the winter and control heat gain in summer, which results in significant savings in heating and air conditioning. It is also wonderful to see the scenery with no more condensation on the glass surface or corners, when the moisture level and exterior temperature are normal. New doors and windows provide increased comfort and substantial energy savings, year after year.

Adding Windows

Increasing natural light, improving the view of the yard, adding an emergency exit or creating a more impressive entrance are only some of the many of the reasons for adding extra windows to your home. In a single room, up to one square meter of glass surface for every ten meters of floor space is ideal and it is better to have a limited number of large openings rather than several small ones.

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