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The Facade: A Question of Style

Whether old, modern, English or Quebecois, the architectural character of a house relates to the area and era in which it was built. Windows must be selected according to the architecture of the building to avoid creating an incoherent exterior and loss of authenticity and value.

Old houses often have small mullioned windows, while English homes are adorned with double hung windows and French architecture with casement windows. The colour of the frames should match the exterior cladding. Colours that blend with the environment are generally preferred. A stone or cultured stone ledge or head jamb adds elegance.

At Solarcan, we make and sell a complete range of doors and windows that blend with your architecture and match your style.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are not only a matter of looks. Inside, anything can be done but certain factors will help you choose!


A south-facing window can be a considerable source of heat in winter. However, to keep your home cool in summer, you might want to install sheers, venetian blinds or shutters that reduce brightness without plunging the room into darkness.


Although new windows are very efficient, installing thick curtains will provide considerable protection against the cold and retain heat indoors during harsh winter evenings.


On a window facing the street or neighbours, pleated blinds or opaque curtains are a wise choice. These types of window treatments provide intimacy and can be opened or closed as you wish and according to the time of day. There are also certain types of blinds that open downwards instead of upwards, leaving the entire top of the window bare.

The Rest Is a Question of Taste and Colour

Your exterior will be enhanced by your personal style and windows that blend with their environment. To complement regional styles and different types of architecture, Solarcan offers highly adaptable models and a wide variety of :

  • Glass

    Whether your home is contemporary, traditional or country, the type of glass used in an entrance door, for example, will add character and value to your home.

  • Grills

    Our Georgian grilles will enhance your windows, while being easy to clean and maintain. For the utmost elegance, choose our tubular grilles available in a vast array of shapes and colours. Bring a final touch to your decor with a faux mullion.

  • Simulated divided lights
  • Configurations

    Windows are becoming larger, allowing for interesting configurations. Let our representative discuss the available options with you. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  • Hardware

    Solarcan also sells quite a range of hardware such as door knobs that blend with the style of your home and offer you state-of-the-art technology.

    For modern and more traditional lines, we offer several options. Additionally, why not get an electronic key that allows you to remotely unlock your door?

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