Energy Star

Knowing Your Consumption

The Symbol of Energy Efficiency

The ENERGY STAR label was created to establish a uniform system for calculating and evaluating the energy efficiency of everything that actively or passively consumes energy. This certification informs the consumer about the cost of using certain products.

The Best Way to Save Energy is to Not Consume Any

Most of the appliances that consume energy to operate are examined under the ENERGY STAR microscope but not all are awarded the small blue label. However, this certification takes it a step further. It also considers products such as doors, windows and houses that, although strictly speaking do not consume energy, have an impact on daily energy consumption. Due to their passive efficiency, these elements can play a major role as far as energy efficiency goes.

A Symbol of Reliability

The ENERGY STAR label was developed in the United States in 1992 during the massive growth of the computer industry. Canada very quickly followed suit and since then, the label has been adopted by several countries. Since April 2004, Canadian ENERGY STAR certification criteria have been developed for glass doors and windows intended for use in our geographical location. In 2005, it was found useful to also consider entrance doors. The ENERGY STAR seal is a respected label that must be earned.

Desirable Side Effects

Installing high-efficiency windows provides superior comfort that helps minimize energy consumption – no more waste! Also, ENERGY STAR certified doors and windows filter the sun’s rays to prevent discolouring furniture, leather sofas, wooden blinds and fabric window treatments. Windows that are well insulated and properly installed are not prone to condensation or mold, which keeps the frames in good condition for a long time. Increased comfort, furniture preservation and guaranteed durable windows are all part of the tangible savings associated with the ENERGY STAR label.

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