Simply PVC

PVC maintenance is easy: You need only wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and you are done.

When there is a lot of dust, clean with a sponge dipped in water mixed with a soft household detergent. PVC is not porous: It is stain resistant and is not affected by humidity. Also, since PVC is passive it will not twist, swell or crack.

PVC advantages

  • Recognized for its intrinsic qualities
  • Range of colors
  • Diverse applications
  • Low cost

Low-cost material

This inexpensive material has made it possible to create high quality windows at an affordable price. Result: Joinery work using PVC is less expensive than using wood or aluminum.

Flexible, light and resistant with great insulating value

PVC bends to any requirements. It resists better to bad weather and the brutal variations in temperature than any other material. It is practically unresponsive to wear over time and resists well to flame - it is said to be self-extinguishing meaning that it goes out by itself. Since it is not a heat conductor, it will not become hot under the sun's rays or cold in the winter. It acts as a thermal and sound insulator. In addition to providing great energy savings, PVC insulates the glass so as to reduce condensation; the windows remain clean and dry at all times.

A range of colors

To be compatible with all types of architecture, it is possible to install hybrid windows that are made of both aluminum and PVC. These two materials are now available in different colors! A polyurethane coating containing oven-hardened polyamide particles is applied to the PVC, providing shimmering colors and long-lasting weather-resistance. A colored aluminum frame can be installed on the outside with PVC trim of another color on the inside for a most refined result.

Recognized qualities

PVC is a material that adds value to a home at little cost. Year after year, it remains resistant to water, the sun’s rays and freezing, without deteriorating. It acts as a thermal insulator and also muffles sound. This material requires no particular maintenance, has a useful life superior to that of other materials and is recyclable. In fact, due to its numerous qualities, PVC has become the material most favored by consumers.

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