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Solarcan puts forth every effort to provide a highest quality service. Here are the key steps to an impeccable installation.


Solarcan s’engage à respecter un délai d’un maximum de 35 jours ouvrables, pour votre installation, après la prise des mesures par notre chargé de projet ou notre installateur et la signature des documents bancaires (Si requis). Une fois le contrat approuvé, l’expert en mesure (Chargé de projet/Installateur) prendra rendez-vous avec vous dans les 5 jours ouvrables après la signature de votre commande. Il s’agit d’un véritable rendez-vous, car, pour démarrer le projet du bon pied, il est très important que le (ou les) signataire du contrat soit sur les lieux au moment de la prise de mesures. Good to know : It is during this appointment that we designate the rooms where the windows will be installed. For example, when we name "William’s room" or the "bathroom on the second floor", everyone will know which room we are referring to so as to avoid any confusion.


When taking the measurements, the expert will also check the depth of the wall, the available space in front of the new windows and many other details that will help to plan the installation. In order to avoid errors, you will be asked to reread the entire contract with him. You will review everything to be done and can specify any particular requirements. As such, you will know exactly what to expect. In the event of a discrepancy, you can contact the salesman at any time to clarify the agreement. Good to know : To guarantee a thorough job, the measurement expert must take his time and take note of all his observations. Measuring a window, door or a bay window will take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes when done according to good practice.


Once the factory has manufactured the windows, the installers will schedule an appointment with you for installation. The installers will arrive with their mobile workshop clearly identified as being from Solarcan. This unit is always clean and well organized. Inside, the doors and windows are firmly secured to avoid damage during transportation. Good to know : When the Solarcan installers set out their tools, they take special care of the area. Among other things, they will spread tarpaulins to protect the ground, they will cover the ends of the ladders to protect the outside covering of the house and they will not place any windows or heavy tools on your lawn.


The Solarcan installers begin by removing all sections of the frame to be replaced. If necessary, they will cut any brick or interior finish without damaging the material. Dismantling sometimes reveals surprises such as insulation or side jambs that have rotted due to water infiltration; in such a case, the installer will inform you so you can make a decision as to the necessary repairs. Good to know : A short while before the installers arrive, as stipulated in your contract, you must prepare the area. For example, you must remove all window dressings and clear the space to facilitate the workers’ movement and the use of their tools.


According to the precisions of the contract, the installer will either preserve the frame (if it is old or unable to be removed) or he will remove it completely. Again, according to the contract, the installer will stop at the edge of the window (wood or gypsum) or align the new frame with the gypsum before installing a decorative moulding, as the case may be. Good to know : If the wall is deeper than standard or if you wish to preserve valuable wooden edges, the installer can perform a semi-insertion so the frame will be placed even with the edge.


To ensure proper installation of the new doors and windows, the installer watches out for several important elements, in particular, sealing joints and weather-stripping. He applies a sufficient amount of caulking to the entire frame. He makes sure not to cut any wires but if this should be necessary, he will provide a path for them. In addition, he will inform you of the possible style differences between windows; for example, grids, wrought iron ornaments and small differences in size can change the final result. Good to know : When the Solarcan team starts work, they will never remove more than two windows at a time. This is to prevent air streams that could hinder the proper installation of the windows.


When enlarging a window or installing a patio door, the installers will insert a support structure to prevent weakening of the wall or ceiling above the door or window. It is possible that a new patio door may not be the exact size as the original one. In this case, the installer will make the necessary adjustments to ensure it is properly installed. Good to know : In the case of a non-standard installation and when several choices are possible to resolve a problem, the installer will inform you of the different options so you may choose what is best for you.


When the Solarcan installers install a door, they will also install the lock opening mechanism for this door. Therefore, in a building, an institutional complex or a company with a secure entry, they ensure installation of the electric locking system. The wires for the electrical mechanisms are concealed within the weather-stripping. Good to know : When ordering a door, you can specify if you want a threshold that is wheelchair accessible so that handicapped persons can enter without assistance.


Once the window is properly set into the opening, the installer ensures that the joints between the window and the house are properly sealed. Then aluminium sheets will be cut, bent and adjusted to provide a perfect finish. The installer follows a specific order of installation as well as overlapping principles standardized by Solarcan. Good to know : This step is crucial to ensure a solid covering that will leave no room for wind or water to infiltrate. This aluminum capping must be perfectly watertight and therefore appears perfectly smooth and clear.


The Solarcan installers provide a meticulous installation until the end. For the exterior as for the interior, they skilfully handle the silicone gun avoiding beads, smears, and blisters. The installers guarantee a nice smooth seal all around the doors and windows. Good to know : For a most discreet finish, sealant of the same colour as the frame or the interior wall can be applied.

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