Limited Lifetime Warranty on windows and doors

Today’s doors and windows are highly performing and must be properly installed. The quality of the installation is particularly important in order to maintain the performance of high-efficiency doors and windows. There are several steps to installing doors and windows; in particular, creating an insulating barrier between the wall and the frame. Using a qualified professional ensures that the installation matches the product’s efficiency.

Approximately 80% of door and window problems are related to installation and usually detected within a year or so. It is therefore strongly recommended that you let an expert install all your doors and windows. Solarcan trains its own team of installers in order to offer a completely guaranteed installation service.

Here are the main steps involved in a Solarcan installation.



Once the contract is approved, our project manager/installer will schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. It is important that you be present when the measurements are taken so that you can answer the various questions of our expert if necessary.

Good to know: During this meeting, the installation process will be explained and adapted as needed to minimize any inconveniences to you and your family.


2 – On-Site Confirmation of Your Contract Stipulations

Our expert will confirm the various details to properly plan the installation. The details of your order will be reviewed as needed and you will be able to specify your particular requirements. As such, you will know exactly what to expect. In the event of a discrepancy, you can always contact your representative at any time to clarify the agreement.

Good to know: To guarantee a thorough job, the measurement expert must take the time to note all observations, providing you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have that will help you understand the process to come.


3 –The Big Day

On the scheduled installation day, the installers arrive with their mobile workshop. This unit is kept clean and well organized. Inside, the doors and windows are firmly secured to avoid damage during transportation.

Good to know: When Solarcan installers set out their tools, they take special care to protect your property against any damages while they are at work.


4 – Dismantling

Dismantling is done carefully to avoid damaging the building’s structure. Dismantling sometimes reveals surprises such as damaged insulation or rot caused by water infiltration. In such a case, the installer will inform you so you can make a decision as to the necessary repairs.

Good to know: As stipulated in your contract, you must prepare the area before the installers arrive. For example, you must remove all window treatments and clear space around the windows and doors so the workers’ can move around freely with their tools.


5 –Meticulous Installation

Installation is performed according to good practice and the highest quality standards. The installer follows any recommendations made during measurement taking and any specifications written in the contract.

Good to know: If the wall is deeper than standard or if you wish to preserve valuable wooden edging, the installer can perform a semi-insertion so the frame is even with the edge.


6 – Particular Attention

Caulking is a crucial part of a quality installation. Our installers pay particular attention to this step and ensure that the entire framed is adequately caulked.

Good to know: When possible, the Solarcan team never removes more than two windows at a time to prevent drafts that could cause you any discomfort during installation.


7 – Sturdy Installation

Our installer will install your doors and windows according to the highest standards of quality and use sturdy and durable materials. This will ensure the highest energy performance and optimum operation of our products for many years to come.

Good to know: In the case of a non-standard installation or when there are several possible solutions to a problem, the installer will inform you of the different options so you may decide what is best for you.


8 – Doors and Unlocking Mechanisms

In a residential, commercial or institutional building containing a secure entry, our installers will install the appropriate electrical unlocking system. Installation will be adapted to each situation and performed according to the established rules and regulations.

Good to know: When ordering a door, you may request a low sill for wheelchair accessibility.


9 – Preparing for a Perfect Finish

Finishing and caulking the joints between the window and the building requires particular care. During this step, the installer will cut, bend and adjust aluminium sheeting in a specific order and according to the overlapping principles standardized by Solarcan.

Good to know: This step is crucial to ensure a solid covering that will leave no room for wind or water to infiltrate.


10 – Impeccable Interior and Exterior Sealant

Solarcan installers pay special attention to the quality and appearance of sealant joints by preventing beads, smears and blisters, thus ensuring a nice, smooth and continuous seal all around your doors and windows.

Good to know: For a most discreet finish, a sealant colour-matched to the frame or cladding can be applied.

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