Wood: maintenance and refection

Regular maintenance is required to preserve wooden window frames. Before and after winter, each window should be inspected for black spots (fungi), exposed surfaces or the appearance of wood-dust. In addition to the routine task of cleaning all frames, any black micro-fungi must be removed, and it is recommended that the surface be sanded to remove the flaked varnish and a new coat of varnish be applied. Finally, all sealed joints and opening mechanisms should be inspected.

Despite careful maintenance, it is possible that after several years, a side jamb or the frame may twist and become prey to mould. Some wood frames are harder to maintain depending on the direction of the house and due to the harsh climate variations.

Wooden window frames and sashes features

  • Good insulating value
  • Good structural resistance
  • Must be protected against bad weather
  • Need a specific attention over the years
  • Heat conducting materials should not be in contact with the glass nor should they extend from outside the window to the inside, otherwise this could result in condensation and reduce the window’s thermal performance.

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