Turnkey service
Qualified representatives


Solarcan’s expertise is based on the experience of its consultants. The Solarcan representatives meet with each customer to better define the nature of the renovations, the number of windows to be changed, the deadline for completion of the work and the allocated budget. In addition to complete solutions, Solarcan also provides a financing plan that will quickly get the work underway. Therefore, each customer can promptly benefit from the advantages of the new windows such as the preservation of their home and energy savings.


After calling the customer at home, the Solarcan representative will meet with him in person. The consultation can take up to two hours in order to properly evaluate all the aspects of the project. The representative is far from being a simple salesman. He is a consultant who evaluates all the possibilities in order to propose the most efficient solution. Most of the turnkey concepts proposed by Solarcan greatly exceeds the customers’ expectations.


Following a visit to the home and once the contract is signed; the representative will request that an expert visit the site. This expert will take all the necessary measurements; he will check several parameters of the home like the orientation of the home and the openings, the clearance and the colour scheme. The representative will then oversee the manufacturing process. Once the windows are built, the installer schedules an appointment with the customer for installation. Throughout the project, each customer can contact the assigned consultant at any time with questions. The consultant and the customer have a real relationship of trust.


  • Solarcan is a renowned company that has been offering high quality service and excellent after-sales service for over 35 years.
  • Solarcan is a local company that is easy to identify and that has a sales office near you.
  • The Solarcan consultants all possess solid expertise that allows them to provide sound advice.
  • A wide range of available models will increase the value of any home.
  • Solarcan offers a personalized and attentive service.
  • The turnkey service is stress-free and will save you time and money.
  • Solarcan has a financing plan so you can promptly benefit from the advantages of its doors and windows.